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Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oils

It is important to note that to gain the wonderful therapeutic benefits of essential oils, only 100% pure essential oils can be used.

What can essential oils do?

Essential oils, lavender
  • They act to stimulate skin cells to reproduce quicker, healthier and to be stronger, assisting new improved skin to show superficially more quickly.
  • Improve skin hydration.
  • Using essential oils on the skin helps prevent the congestion of toxins by improving the lymphatic flow and condition of lymph glands.
  • Essential oils can improve circulation, which aids oxygenation, therefore feeding the skin cells more efficiently.
  • Certain oils can rebalance the skins natural oil secretions/sebum.
  • Specific oils are anti-bacterial and therefore inhibit growth and reproduction of bacteria.
  • Some are anti-inflammatory, helping to calm and soothe redness, irritation, itchiness and sensitive skin.
  • Many are anti-ageing, helping cellular regeneration and promoting youthful skin. The oils nutrients help feed the skin cells keeping the collagen soft and springy.
  • Many oils relax you and help relieve tension.
  • And of course they smell wonderful!
  • See our selection of essential oils here
essential oils
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