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Calendula Barrier Ointment -

Calendula Barrier Ointment -


[100% natural ingredients.] Ideal for the protection against and to ease [nappy rash], skin chaffing, cracked skin & all those small scrapes and abrasions. Also suitable for sore, cracked nipples.

The Calendula Flowers are well known for their wonderful role in supporting skin health and healing.

"This barrier ointment is the best - this is my second purchase of it, after having NO sign of nappy rash in spite of using cloth nappies. Can't recommend this product highly enough" Johanna]

[hands down this is the best thing i have used for nappy rash and barrier cream for my little girl. Will definitely continue to buy. Thankyou]

[Excellent trade, and really happy with the high quality product too! Highly recommended]

[I love your products, they're excellent! The Calendula cream is outstanding as a nappy cream.]


Ingredients Glossary

Organic Calendula infused oil and Organic beeswax in a natural oil base.

50gm plastic pot - $12.20
100gm plastic pot - - $18.50

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